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Sheffield Dragon

Renegade Mango

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Mango Hot Sauce

Mango and yellow habanero are paired for this fantastic medium heat hot sauce. It's unctuous and thick, it works on just about anything… as a salad dressing, use as a marinade and it works in a stir fry an absolute treat.

Over the summer I developed a cocktail that is now being served in bars in Sheffield, it's called The Dragoni, pairing gin, juice, Renegade Mango and finished off with Campari, this is most refreshing alternative to a Bloody Mary you will ever try!

The recipe is featured in the 'Sheffield Cook Book - Back for Thirds', our recipe is in there with some great company and delicous recipes, you can order a copy of the book here, but if you just want this recipe keep reading!

The Dragoni

Preparation time: A couple of minutes 

Mixing time: Another couple of minutes.

Serves:. 1-2 people


250 ml of orange juice per person 

50 ml of good London style gin per person

15 ml of Renegade Mango per person

A handful of ice

A dash of Campari per glass


Measure out the orange juice, gin and Renegade Mango and add the ingredients to a cocktail shaker.

Shake briskly for a minute or two.

Serve into a cocktail glass, either strain or straight from the shaker – keep the ice in the shaker.

Pour a dash of Campari in and serve!

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