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Scorpion BBQ Sauce 🌶️🌶️

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Scorpion BBQ Sauce and part of our 2 for £10 or 3 for £15 offer with codes 2FOR£10 or 3FOR£15

We wanted to create our own signature blend of BBQ sauce that combined a top note of heat from a hot sauce, with the sweetness of barbecue. Add some attitude to your BBQ with our Scorpion chilli BBQ sauce! 

What we ended up with is our Scorpion BBQ sauce!

A delicious pairing of our Scorpion Tale chilli sauce, loaded with the fire of the Trinidad Scorpion chilli, with delicious slow cooked tomato.

Our Scorpion BBQ sauce is PERFECT for marinades and rub. You can really increase the flavour of your barbecue by introducing this sauce to the party. 

In case you haven't used a rub, we add just a bit of luxurious Muscovado sugar to ensure whatever you're cooking ends up caramelised and delicious.

Combined with our Memphis styled rub, Therein lies the rub, it will make for a truly amazing barbecue experience.

Heat Rating 🌶️🌶️
Vegan Yes
Ingredients Tomato, Red onion, Red wine vinegar, Red chilli, Muscovado brown sugar, 'The Scorpion's Tale' Hot sauce, Vegetable oil, Spice mix, Salt
Size 100g (larger catering sizes are available)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Paul L.
Great BBQ hot sauce

I love to cook on my smoker and I love hot sauce so I was keen to try the Scorpion BBQ Sauce, I didn’t really know what to expect but tasting it out the bottle I found it be similar to Jerk seasoning. It’s always a relief when a chilli sauce has more than heat when you try it, it had a layered level of flavour where I tasted the different spices before I got the heat. I used it on chicken wings after smoking them and it was a real improvement on the mainstream brands. Even if it did make a few of my guests run for a glass of water. I also added some to a BBQ sauce to finish some smoked Baby Back Ribs and they went down a storm.

Mark Bradshaw
Perfect with ribs or pork joint

This sauce is ideal with ribs in the slow cooker with red peppers, onions and tinned tomatoes. Incredibly tasty - lots of spicy flavour.

Joe Beresford

Best BBQ sauce on the market by a landslide!

Added so much flavour to my Hunters Chicken dish, and was great with my chicken wings! Can't recommend enough!