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Lemon Drop Hop Hot Sauce 🌶️🌶️

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Pineapple and Yellow Habanero Hot Sauce 

Originally made with Peruvian Lemon Drop chillies, our Lemon Drop hot sauce is one of our most popular hot sauces, and for good reason and part of our 2 for £10 or 3 for £15 offer with codes 2FOR£10 or 3FOR£15

This delicious pineapple hot sauce has a signature zest and citrus taste, followed up by a smidgen of heat from the star of the show, Yellow Habaneros!

Add to some crème fraiche and make a delicious dip, add to full fat Greek yogurt to make a sensational marinade or even add to mayonnaise to create a bold dressing!

This pineapple habanero hot sauce is the perfect pairing for kebabs, in a salad or even drizzled on a fresh pizza before cooking!

Heat Rating 🌶️🌶️
Vegan Yes
Ingredients Pineapple, White wine vinegar, Onion, Yellow Habanero Chilli Mash, Fresh Orange Juice, Ginger, Garlic, Salt
Size 100g (larger catering sizes are available)
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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Emma brooks
Something a bit special

Adds a lovely kick to any meal - current favourite use is to add to a store bought pepperoni pizza. Turns a quick but boring midweek meal into something a bit special!

Paul L.
Great Lemon hot sauce

The name might be a little misleading, this lively little sauce has pineapple at its core and the best way I can describe it as a spicy Pina Colada. It’s not like anything I’d tasted before and it was delicious. I find myself using it all the time, I’ve added it to guacamole, it has made every salad I make tastier and stir fried shrimp need nothing else added if you throw a few drops in. I’ve found myself adding less salt to meals because the sauce adds all the flavour and seasoning that the dish needs.

Takes cheese & crackers to another level!

Put this on cheese and crackers and it really works a treat. Just the right level of spice for me - bags of flavour but not too over-powering. Perfection!

Joe Beresford

I've had this on kebabs, as part of my Chinese chicken in lemon sauce, and on chicken wings whilst watching the match. The tangy flavour really pops! Would recommend!