About us

Welcome to Sheffield Dragon, the home of 'reyt tasty and reyt hot' chilli sauces!

I'm Andrew founder of the business, which I started during the first UK pandemic lockdown in 2020.

I have always loved hot and spicy food, but always struggled to find tasty, versatile, and hot products. Also, having grown up with a somewhat restricted diet, I wanted to make products that were as accessible to as many people as possible, so from day one everything has been made to be vegan friendly, additive, and preservative free and with no added allergens.

I'm often asked where it all began? In the late summer of 2019, a colleague brought me a big bag of chillies that I just couldn't use in time, so I went to freeze them and realised that I already had several bags of chillies in my freezer. So, I decided to make a chilli chutney for our Christmas cheese and biscuits. I ended up making so much, that I gave it away as stocking fillers to friends and family.

When Christmas came around, we discovered the chilli pickle was delicious and when friends and family kept asking for more, I decided to see if I could start a small business making more of it. We did a few markets and when a few shops in Sheffield started stocking the range I knew we were on to something.

A few months later, I started making hot sauce with the chillies I had grown in our green house. I had grown Peruvian Lemon Drops, Scotch Bonnets, and Trinidad Moruga Scorpion chillies. Our original three flavours of hot sauce were an experiment based on the chillies individual Scoville Heat Unit (SHU) ratings. I wanted to create some sauces that were colourful and well balanced.

 All three sauces were an instant hit, pairing fresh pineapple with the Lemon Drops to make the zesty and citrus flavoured 'Lemon Drop Hop', slow cooking sweet carrots with the Scotch Bonnets creating the thick, sweet, and floral 'Scotch Mix', and finally taming the Trinidad Scorpions into a wonderfully hot yummy sauce 'The Scorpion's Tale'.

I told my son that we would make a rainbow of hot sauces and since then we are not far off, although we still haven't made a blue sauce yet! Two years on from when our first hot sauces launched, we now have a range of 11 hot sauces, 3 chilli pickles a BBQ sauce and a BBQ rub.

I've made the range accessible enough, so most palates are catered for! We go from 'not so hot' or 'reyt tasty' to 'reyt hot' and everything in between! Even our hottest products taste great and are super versatile, one bakery in Leicester uses 'Cherry Berry Reaper' to make hot chocolate fudge brownies which are just delicious, and a Sheffield based pizza company make vegan Nduja using our 'Very Very Reaper'.

We now boast what we believe is the hottest and tastiest natural hot sauce in Yorkshire and possibly beyond! We have created Satan's Ring which weighs in at around 1 million on the scoville scale! Made without any artificial capsicum extract, its an intense sauce with an epic build!

Everything can be used as a marinade, as an out and out hot sauces or pickle, I'm always amazed by how people use our range and love hearing about recipe ideas.

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