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Sheffield Dragon

Chilli Pickle Gift Set

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Want to pick up some of our tasty chilli pickles but not sure which one to go for? Then why not try all of them with our set of pickled chillies!

Introducing our exquisite chilli pickle gift set, the perfect addition to any spice lover's pantry. Our set features a of our three signature chilli pickle varieties, each with its own distinct flavour and heat level.

From the fiery Moruga chilli pickle to the sweet and smoky Tasty Jalapeno pickle, our collection is sure to satisfy any craving for bold, spicy flavours. Made with only the freshest ingredients, each of our chilli pickle recipes is bursting with natural flavour and heat.

Our chilli pickles are perfect for adding a spicy kick to your favourite dishes, from sandwiches and burgers to tacos and curries. It also makes for a great gift for any foodie or spice enthusiast!

Whether you're looking to spice up your next meal or explore new flavours, our chilli pickles are the perfect choice for adding some spice to your life. Try them today and experience the bold, delicious flavours of our artisanal chilli pickles.

Our Chilli Pickle Gift Set

Moruga Fire Chilli Pickle

Moruga Fire is our is our hottest chilli pickle, with a top note of Trinidad Scorpion Moruga chilli (a former world record holding hottest chilli), we add in other chillies, slow cook with onions, peppers, tomato, Indian spices, sugar, vinegar, and a touch of salt and oil.


Tasty Fire Chilli Pickle

Tasty Fire is our original chilli pickle and the one that started it all, made with a top note of scotch bonnet. Originally made for eating with cheese and biscuits, this is a hugely versatile sauce, add this to any meal!


Tasty Jalapeno Chilli Pickle

Tasty Jalapeño is a delicious chilli pickle stuffed with hunks of smoky Jalapeno hunks. Made with an Indian palate of flavours, this is a spicy little number combining smoky heat notes with a sweet edge!


Chilli Pickle Gift Set

So what better way of treating the foodie in your life by giving them all three of our original award winning pickles? 

This is where we started and I love these pickles with just about any savoury situation! 

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Customer Reviews

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Andrew Fisher
Chili pickles

They're all great, but thr Moruga Fire is particularly good - goes really well with basically everything but especially curries and dals.

James Jenkinson
Chilli sauces

Excellent sauces hotter the better

Rob Sykes

The three pickles each give a different flavour twist. The jalapeño is great with cheese and sausages for example. The other two are good with curries, Thai food, and with very strong cheddar and other strong hard cheeses. I try them with various foods just for the fun of it - I like chilli