A Guide to the Chilli Heat Scale

A Guide to the Chilli Heat Scale

Welcome, brave souls and taste bud warriors, to the sizzling sensation that is the chilli heat scale!

If you've ever wondered why your mouth feels like it's doing the tango with a dragon after a spicy meal, fear not!

We're here to break down the mysterious world of capsaicin-induced chaos with a side of laughter.

So grab your milk, ice cream, and sense of humour, because it's about to get spicy!

  1. The Scoville Scale: A Thermometer for Tastebuds Picture this: Wilbur Scoville, a man with a mission and a penchant for pepper power, invents a scale to measure the molten mouth madness. As he diligently recruits taste testers (who must have been either really brave or really desperate), we imagine conversations like, "Hey, you wanna earn a few bucks while potentially losing all feeling in your tongue?"

  2. The Bell Pepper: The Unsung Hero Let's kick things off with the mildest contender – the bell pepper. On the Scoville Scale, it's as fiery as a grandma's bedtime story. If bell peppers were any milder, they'd probably be handing out blankets and telling your taste buds, "It's okay, dear. It's just a little warmth."

  3. Jalapeño: The Introductory Adventure Moving up the scale, we encounter the jalapeño – the spicy gateway drug of the chilli world. It's like the "Choose Your Own Adventure" book of heat levels. "Turn to page 23 if you're feeling brave. Turn to page 42 if you're considering the fire extinguisher as a condiment." You can find succulent chunks of slow cooked Jalapeno in our delicious pickle Tasty Jalapeno

  4. Cayenne Pepper: A Dash of Devilishness Next up, the cayenne pepper. It's like your taste buds are attending a masquerade ball where the theme is "Sweat and Tears." It adds that much-needed kick to your dishes while providing your mouth with its daily cardio workout.

  5. The Habanero: When Heat Gets Exotic Ah, the habanero! It's as if the chilli fairy decided to crank things up a notch and went, "Let's put a flamethrower in a fruit costume." It's the kind of spice that makes you reconsider all your life choices.That being said we use Yellow Habanero in our two mildest sauces, Lemon Drop Hop with a huge hit of pineapple - this is zesty and unlike anything I've ever tried before. We also use the Yellow Hab in our award winning 'Renegade Mango' featuring a huge hit of mango, this sauce was awarded 2 stars from the Guild of Fine Foods (GFF) 'Great Taste Awards 2023'

  6. Ghost Pepper: The Phantom Menace Welcome to the territory of the legendary ghost pepper, which is so hot that even a casual brush against it could result in a spontaneous musical number about the burning sensation. In the chilli heat scale universe, the ghost pepper is the Sith Lord of spice, whispering "I am your burn" as you gasp for air. With this in mind we pared Naga with a huge hit of peaches and Dutch red chillies to create another GFF 2023 award winner 'Hot Fuzzz' this is so versatile and is probably my favorite!

  7. Carolina Reaper: A Date with Destiny And now, the pièce de résistance – the Carolina Reaper. This chilli could have starred in its own action movie franchise. It's so potent that it comes with its own disclaimer: "Caution: Consuming may lead to questioning the meaning of existence." All out heat with the reaper, but don't fear the reaper as we have two sauces that have tried to tame the experience into one of taste rather than pain! Cherry Berry Reaper and Very Very Reaper!


There you have it, brave souls! The chilli heat scale, where pain and pleasure collide in a symphony of spice.

Remember, it's not just about surviving the heat; it's about embracing the flames with a hearty chuckle and maybe a few well-placed dance moves.

So, the next time you venture into the land of fiery feasts, go forth with your taste buds' armor of choice – whether it's milk, bread, or just sheer determination – and let the hilariously hot adventure begin!

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