Looking For A BBQ Rub?

Are you someone who is all about BBQ? Or are you a passionate foodie who loves to experiment with interesting and new flavours? Then why not try one of BBQ Rubs! They are sure to sweeten up the celebrations of any special occasion.

The world of BBQ rubs can be confusing and often intimidating. There are so many different flavours, styles and recipes of BBQ out there, what should you try first? Well, we wanted to make it simple for you, one BBQ rub and one BBQ sauce that pair together perfectly.

If you’re in the mood for making your own delicious take on Memphis style BBQ, pick up our BBQ rub and sauce and add some sweetness to your meat!

What Flavour Is Your BBQ Rub?

There are lots of different styles and flavours of BBQ rubs out there, so what flavours does our recipe use? Well, we decided to make a Memphis style rub as a homage to Memphis barbecue. This style of BBQ rub has a distinctive sweet and smoky flavour and will transport your taste buds all the way to Tennessee.

Our BBQ Rub and BBQ Sauce

Therein Lies The Rub

The perfect way to add a finishing touch to your barbecue, Therein Lies The Rub is a perfect blend of spices and brown sugar to give your meat the send off that it truly deserves. Whether you need a BBQ rub for chicken, steak, ribs or even seasoning your sides. We think you'll love our take on this Memphis BBQ classic!

Scorpion BBQ Sauce

We didn't want our rub to feel left out so we created a BBQ sauce recipe to be its partner in crime! Our Scorpion BBQ sauce mixes the sweetness of barbecue, with the spice of a hot sauce. You can really increase the flavour of your barbecue by introducing this sauce to the party.

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Why Try Our BBQ Rub?

There are lot's of different reasons why you might use a BBQ rub in your cooking. One of the main reasons people have never used one is because they think it's too difficult,

This couldn't be further from the truth, the hardest part is choosing what type of meat you want to use with your rub. It's honestly as simple as applying the rub to the meat and then cooking it until it's done.

Whatever meat you choose to use with your BBQ rub, it's going to make it taste and smell amazing! This is because the rub adds a lot more flavour to the dish.

Not only that but rubs are a great way to make your meat more tender. By tenderising your meat with a BBQ rub you will make it much more succulent and mouth watering!

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Best Meats For A BBQ Rub

BBQ Rubs work well with most, if not all kinds of meat. This is all going to be about your personal preference when it comes to food, so we recommend experimenting and seeing what you like best!

Here are a few recommendations of different meats you can try with our BBQ rub:

BBQ Chicken Rub - Chicken is widely used in barbecue, though it might not be the first thing that comes to mind. A good rub is really going to help boost the flavour of your chicken. Chicken wings, drumsticks, and thighs are all good options here!

BBQ Pork Rub - A popular choice for rubs as the meat can easily absorb all of the flavours, and the high fat content helps to keep it moist!

BBQ Brisket Rub - Brisket is great for barbecue as it is quite fatty, this means that when it is slow cooked with a rub it becomes extra tender, and all of those flavours can permeate throughout the meat.

BBQ Steak Rub - A good BBQ rub can bring out the natural flavors of the meat and create a delicious crust on the outside of the steak when it's grilled or smoked.

BBQ Rib Rub - One of the go-to choices for barbecue! It's a classic for a reason. Baby back ribs, spare ribs, and St. Louis-style ribs all work well with a BBQ rub.


Both our BBQ rub and Scorpion BBQ sauce are proudly made right here in Sheffield, in the UK.

This means that we can guarantee that only the freshest of ingredients are used in all of our products. Delivering bold and delicious flavours to you without compromising on quality.

Whether you want to add a kick of flavour to your cooking, or you’re a grill master looking for new flavours to try, our BBQ rubs are a great place to start!